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Headache & Migraine

Chronic headaches and migraines can be excruciatingly painful and can make it hard for you to carry out daily activities. At Signature Health & Wellness Center, we offer non-invasive headache & migraine treatment. Visit us at our Fairfield, NJ, and Belleville, NJ, locations if you need pain relief.


What Causes Migraines and Headaches?

Headaches occur when the nerves around your neck and upper back send pain signals to your brain. While there are many things that can trigger a headache, one causes of headaches is neck pain. Poor posture, strained neck muscles, compressed nerves, and worn neck joints can all lead to chronic headaches. 

While people tend to think of migraines as intense headaches, migraines are actually a neurological condition that can cause head pain and other symptoms. In addition to headaches, a migraine can cause nausea, spots in your vision, and an array of other symptoms. Once a migraine attack starts, it can last for awhile. 

People with migraines can have triggers that cause headaches or make their headaches more severe. Weather changes, foods, and changes in sleep schedule are some of the many things that can trigger a migraine attack. Identifying a migraine trigger can be key to keeping your symptoms under control. 

Headache & Migraine Treatment from a Chiropractor

Some treatments for migraines and headaches might mask pain without addressing its cause. While these treatments can provide short-term relief, they might not reduce the frequency or severity of your headaches. Chiropractic care can help treat the issues causing your headaches, which means you may have fewer headaches overall. 

Since headaches can be caused by tension in the neck and spine, we can use chiropractic adjustments to help restore proper alignment throughout the body. We can also help fix slipped or bulging discs that are compressing your nerves. If you're experiencing additional symptoms, like tight muscles or muscle spasms, we can use additional treatments, like soft tissue therapy, to help boost circulation and reduce inflammation throughout the body. 

If you're suffering from migraines, we'll work with you to identify your migraine triggers. In addition to providing you with chiropractic care, we can help you make lifestyle changes that may significantly reduce migraine attacks. Chiropractic treatments might also help improve communication throughout your body, making it easier for you to detect the early signs of a migraine. While there isn't an easy cure for migraines or headaches, you may have fewer episodes and less pain after you start treatment with a chiropractor on our team. 

Get Pain Relief from a Chiropractor in Fairfield, NJ, or a Chiropractor in Belleville, NJ

Whether you're dealing with chronic headaches or migraine attacks, it can be important to find a way to deal with your pain. When you visit Signature Health & Wellness Center, we'll help create a treatment plan that's designed to fit your needs. Schedule an appointment at our (862) 210-8189 Fairfield, NJ, or (973) 759-2222 Belleville, NJ, locations if you're ready to begin treatment.

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