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Weightlifting Injuries

When your become overzealous with your weightlifting routine, this can be hazardous to your physical health. Along with this, anytime you are lifting steel poles with heavy metal at the ends, an injury can occur. At Signature Wellness Center in Fairfield, NJ, and Belleville, NJ, we offer treatment options that are designed for your condition and will help you heal. In the meantime, you can read about some of the most common weightlifting injuries are, what causes them, and how our chiropractors can help. 


Back Strain

When lifting weights, form and preparation are essential. The most common injury that can occur in the gym when you do not stretch before lifting weights is back strain. The back supports the entire skeletal system, so lifting heavy objects without proper preparation can result in strains. Any gym instructor will walk you through the stretches that need to be done beforehand to prevent this, but if your back becomes injured anyway, our chiropractors can ease the tension through spinal manipulation. 

Knee Strain

One injury that doesn’t just happen in the gym, but also in sports, is knee strain. When weightlifting, you are advised to lift with your knees instead of your back. However, this can result in strain on your knees if it is continued. Our chiropractors can treat this injury with simple chiropractic manual manipulation. 


The most common shoulder injury when weightlifting is a rotator cuff injury, but another part of the shoulder prone to injury is the labrum. SLAP stands for Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior, and a SLAP tear occurs after repetitive activity that requires stretching the arms overhead. This can be prevented by ensuring your workout routine includes a full range of motion and rigorous stretching of the upper back. While SLAP tears can usually heal over time, more serious cases may require surgery or rehabilitation.

Neck Stress

Another part of the body that can become strained due to poor form when weightlifting or overloading your weight limit is the neck. Just like with back strain, not approaching your routine properly can put added pressure on the neck, causing strain. Spinal manipulation is a beneficial technique that can help with this injury as well.

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