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Massage Therapy

Pain Reduction

During a massage session, therapists use their hands to pull, knead and rub stiff layers of muscle. These motions warm and soften tense tissues. Relaxed tissues allow fluids to flow freely. Tight, sore, or swollen tissues are able to release built-up fluids, which results in a significant decrease in pain, spasms and cramping. Flexibility and range-of-motion also improve.

Improved Mood

Massage is a true mind-body therapy. When you experience stress, your body releases hormones that prepare you to respond by either running away or fighting back. Modern life, however, doesn’t give us those options. In those cases, the stress hormones are circulated throughout the body and often end up stored in deep layers of tissue.

As your muscles are warmed and stretched by massage, they are able to release stored-up stress hormones. A relaxed body encourages a calmer and more peaceful state of mind. Regular therapy can help you feel happier and more alert. Many patients report relief from depression, anxiety and other mild mood disorders after a massage session.

Faster Healing

Massage brings increased blood flow to areas of the body affected by surgery, injury, or chronic illness. This infusion of fluid provides the nutrients and hydration needed to repair and rebuild damaged cells. When massage is used in conjunction with physical therapy, patients heal faster.

At Signature Health & Wellness Center, our chiropractic team works closely with our massage therapists to develop a treatment plan that will alleviate your pain. Applying massage techniques after adjustments allow the muscles to relax into their new position.

Massage therapy is a natural way to encourage healing and reduce stress without the need for prescription medication. Let the specialists at Signature Health & Wellness Center help you feel your best with our massage therapy services. With four locations in New Jersey, you are never too far away from relief. 

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