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Chiropractic Care for Young Athletes/ Youth Sports

An Introduction to Chiropractic Care for Young Athletes/Youth Sports

Today, chiropractic care has expanded to include many different areas of health and wellness. At Signature Health and Wellness Center in Fairfield and Belleville, NJ, we offer a wide range of services to patients of all ages. We know all about pediatric chiropractor services for young athletes. 


Athletics and Chiropractic Care

People often associate chiropractic care with back and neck pain in adults. Although our team certainly can help with these issues, chiropractic care can also provide important treatments for young athletes.

When children participate in sports, they put additional strain on their growing bodies. The bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles that are used in organized sports, can become injured if they are not properly trained for this excess of activity. Our team can help your young athlete not only deal with sports injuries but also learn how to prevent such injuries in the first place. 

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

If your child has sustained a sports injury, we can provide diagnostics and treatment to ensure they recover fully. Rehabilitative care and physical therapy are sometimes crucial to ensure that the injured areas recover fully. When sports injuries are not treated properly, it can result in long-term damage which could affect your child's mobility and future sports participation. 

In addition to sports injury treatment, a pediatric chiropractor can also help keep your young athlete in top shape to help avoid injuries. This type of preventative care often consists of massage therapy exercises and stretches that keep the muscles long and the joints and ligaments soft. When muscles are not stretched or exercised properly prior to sports participation, it can result in injuries. 

Repetitive motion injuries can also result if muscles, joints, and ligaments are not properly cared for. 

Types of Treatment

Spinal adjustment is a foundational type of chiropractic treatment. Spinal adjustment will ensure that the spine is properly aligned. This will have a dramatic effect on every other part of the body. 

Hot/cold therapy is also a very useful treatment that can be used on athletes. This type of treatment can help muscles and ligaments recover from strenuous training and stress. 

There are also other types of treatments you can discuss with the doctor as well. 

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